who we are

grace walk incorporated


Grace Walk Inc. is newly formed and recognized 501c3 out of Wilmington, NC. Our vision and dreams are huge, and this is only the beginning! We intend to build affordable housing that struggling parents can qualify for and live out their dream of stability and becoming a homeowner.

We want to walk with grace with our neighbors that are struggling no matter their circumstances and show them the grace and love of Jesus through generosity. Show them that they are loved, they do matter, they are cared for, and give them a hand up; an opportunity to life they may have thought wasn’t an option for them.

helping the homeless
Our Mission

Our mission is simple. We look to help out our neighbors in various walks of life. To helping neighbors battling cancer, the veterans that have fallen on hard times, the hungry, the homeless, as well as the single mom working to make ends meet trying to better the lives of her family with affordable housing. 

We intend to distribute various backpacks tailored to individual and seasonal needs. Hygiene products, clothing items, and non-perishable foods, to name a few, for those without a home. As for cancer patients needing help, they too will receive care packages of commonly needed items for chemo trips and comfort.

We’ve all been given grace, more than we deserve. We intend to show grace and love to neighbors who are down, and who feel unworthy.

But in the eyes of the King that we serve, they are worthy. They are precious. They are loved.

We want to remind them of that and give them a message and action of hope for the days to come.

Email us: 28412@live.com